Ethan Kerfoot

Nissan 350Z

Instagram: @ethankerfoot


From Hawaii To Los Angeles

          Ethan was always looking up to exotic cars in all aspects in the build of his DE Z33. The most noticeable influence is the contrasting green stripe that runs through the car. Not a muscle car with two fat stripes, not something extravagant with crazy lines. Instead simple and clean stripes that were originally inspired by an Audi R8 scrolling though the internet. Ethan goes to say ”I’ve seen another z in Japan do the stripe as well and it looks sick! Great z minds think alike haha.” The same mindset of picking pieces from certain builds across the globe make for the growing and unique culture that has arose from the latest of continuous car builders.


      For the passenger seat in this one of a kind 350z you have the fun ride of getting to buckle your seat belt on top of 2, 15lb Nitrous Express bottles (Not really). But ever since 2 Fast 2 Furious came out he knew it was going to be in his car , with all the unforgettable Hollywood special effects fell a little short. Fast forward to 2 weeks before SEMA 2017, a spark was lit on the idea and it was go time! Diving in and researching other builds Ethan noticed everyone had the plate or the single wet shot. So he thought to himself “how can I stand out with a nitrous kit amount other builds with nitrous… *bingo direct port nitrous, hmmm what else….. I’ll do it with hard lines!” With the final delivery nearing the shipment deadline for the car to transport across the pacific, uncle Roger comes by and hard lines the whole install 24 hours before its scheduled. Its those gray hairs that we give ourselves that make these builds worth it.

The VQ platform drew so many to the party with its reliability, throaty sound and NA power going to the rear wheels. Its always tempting to change the the power plant, then wait for the Frankenstein problems to follow. Keeping true to the VQ the choice to polish and refine was the route to go. Time full details such as powder coating components and fabricating custom brackets. Enough time and money in the motor to have an aged man give a thumbs up.


Of course its on everyone’s mind about the controversial rear oil cooler setup. The main reasoning behind it was Japanese influence. Though as it may seem it wouldn’t be any benefit, as putting a strain on the oil pump and actually getting the engine oil below optimal operating temperatures. It isn’t of much concern to Ethan.

People always like to know how builders got started with the car they did. In this case Ethan originally started with a G35 whilst going to school in Arizona. He mentioned to friends years prior he needed a twin turbo G35, shortly enough it happens. The urge to build a track car inspired car grew and it continued to evolve. Once back to Hawaii there was a need of a daily since the G was constantly under the knife. The 350z came about and what was thought to be a daily driver, but was of course the new project. So when the build originally started it was boosted and sprayed with plasti dipp. What it has come to be now is a build that has attention, detail and character throughout the interior and exterior with an experience of a drive. The time was worth the wait.

Video By:

Joseph Lupercio

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