Jorge Torres

Modifications: Vortech supercharged, crawford intake manifold, 600 cc injectors, AAM billet fuel rails and return system, deatschwerks 300 fuel pump, walboro 255 feeder fuel pump with holley hydra mat on driver side, custom triple pass koyo radiator, custom coolant swirl pot bleeder, pathfinder coolant mod, nismo low temp thermostat, hr head gasket mod, ford taurus radiator fan, setrab 20 row oil cooler, dc headers, motordyne test pipes, isr Y pipe, nismo exhaust, z1 poly engine mounts, jim wolf light weight flywheel and clutch kit, wildwood clutch master, z1 trans mount, white line diff bushings, kaaz clutch type lsd 1.5 way 3.9 gear set, z1 finned diff cover, custom diff cooler and setrab pump, feal drift coilovers set, spl spherical bushings and control arms all around, gk tech solid rack bushings, tein inner tie rods, spl bump steer correction outer tie rods, z1 2 piece rotors, arp studs, G-loc brake pads, custom front brake ducts, pro series fabrication dual caliper bracket part shop max hydro, auto power roll bar, sparco race seat and 5point harness, apr gtc300 wing with singular end plates, cust splitter, raytrix bumper, fly 1 renegade hood, custom vented fenders, spinnaker rear carbon fenders 15mm
Z Chassis: S30, Z33
Location: Orange ca

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